Spectator Guidelines

Cedar Valley Engine Club

Safety Rules for Spectators

  • Exercise Caution When Smoking!  Be aware that the parking lot, display areas, and fields where demonstrations are being held are dry.  If you must smoke, please only in areas where there is bare dirt or crushed rock surface below you, and away from equipment using fuel.  No smoking in buildings.
  • Golf carts, ATV’s, and small utility vehicles such as gators or mules are permitted on the grounds only for the elderly or handicapped to get around.  Use of these vehicles purely for joy riding is strictly prohibited.
  • Please view all operating machinery, plowing, and field demonstrations. From a safe distance and stand clear of all moving parts, particularly belts driving machinery.  If a belt breaks or slips off a pulley it can become a very dangerous “weapon”.
  • Cedar Valley Engine Club DOES NOT recommend riders during the parade or plowing.
  • When riding shuttles, please remain seated while the shuttles are in motion and wait until the shuttle has completely stopped before getting on or off.
  • Please DO NOT leave children unattended, especially around operating machinery or when riding shuttles.
  • Keep pets on a leash and out of the food stand.

Thank you for reading these