Simple words cannot express the feelings and effects that the past members have had on this organization.  This area of the web page is going to attempt to serve as a place of remembrance of those members that have passed on.  Many of us now affiliated with the club knew someone from the club that made an impact on us.  Most likely it was those individuals that kept the spark or fire going in us to also step up and take our part in preserving a part of our past for future generations to learn from.  Stories and memories are the building blocks of preserving the past for the curious collectors and spectators that come through our gate to enjoy the three day weekend with us every year.  This area of the web page is always going to continue to grow and evolve into something special.  Help us remember those that have come before us by contributing to this page.  I for one can attest to names slipping from my memory at times.  We may not have someone's name down yet that may have meant something to us, so please feel free to let us know from your perspective who else should be on here. 

Thanks so much for your input and contributions, cherished members that have passed on.