This area is going to be for bringing to light the items at the show grounds that were made in the region.  There are numerous items that are shown each year at the show that are significant in different ways.  Some things we normally just walk past and don't think about because they don't fit in with our own collections.  But, they do hold historical value in our upbringing in the area.  We just never associated the historical aspect before.  The 50th show brought some of those items to light.  These are the items that were, and in some cases still are, utilitarian in nature.  Washing machines that were made places other than just Newton, Iowa or buttons that were made from harvesting clam shells from the Lansing, Iowa area, are just a couple of examples. 

     The 2016 show had a neat item show up to the show grounds.  It is a little known cement mixer that had it's life started in the Waterloo, Iowa area near the start of the 1900's.  I can explain some about it here, but I know I would not do it justice in the history of it, or the company it was made by.  So here is the link to the story of The Helper Mixer.  (just click on the name to go to the mixers web site)

     We will update this page as time goes by to highlight neat items that many just might walk by and not pay much attention to.  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what else might make it's way to this page in the future.