We have a building at the show grounds that we refer to the Fairbanks Building.  The reason for this is that we have a three cylinder Fairbanks Type "CO" oil engine.  Or as other people would say a diesel engine.  This engine came to us back in the 1980's.  Club member Al May put many hours into the engine to get it operational and able to display at the grounds.  This engine uses blow torches to heat up the glow plugs and compressed air to start the engine up.  It has a great thump thump thump when it is running.  We are also able to say that we have a factory Fairbanks engine and high pressure air compressor to help in the starting of the big Fairbanks.  We acquired this unit from the Rockford Light Plant with the understanding that it would be displayed with the diesel engine.  As time goes by we plan on having more Fairbanks engines displayed in the building for the weekend crowd to enjoy.