Future Show Features

What we are doing on this listing is bring to light the upcoming features for the future shows.  As is sits now we have these features set:


2020 Show—

     Tractor Feature – John Deere

     Gas Engine – John Deere / Waterloo Boy / Root & Vandervoort


2021 Show—

     Tractor Feature – Ford / Massey Harris

     Gas Engine – not set yet


2022 Show—

      Tractor Feature – CASE

      Gas Engine – not set yet


2023 Show---

      Tractor Feature -- Allis Chalmers

      Gas Engine -- not set yet


2024 Show---

       Tractor Feature -- IHC

       Gas Engine -- IHC line to go with tractor feature


2025 Show---

       Tractor Feature -- OLIVER / HART-PARR

       Gas Engine -- not set yet


 2026 Show---

        Tractor Feature -- Minneapolis Moline

        Gas Engine -- not set yet