2016 Show

     September 3-5th, 2016 was our 51st show for the Cedar Valley Engine Club.  The tractor feature for this show was Allis Chalmers and related companies.  This would date back from Rumely and go up through Allis Chalmers.  The Allis company has a great heritage to draw from.  Whether you like the Steam era with the Rumely and Advance lines or you like the powerful D21 in front of a plow or on the pulling track.  Many can remember a little Allis B or even a CA on an acreage powering a mower deck humming along on a summer day.  See what you might have to include in the show to add to the history of Allis for all to enjoy.

     The 2016 Engine feature was Cushman.  This company entered in the engine business shortly after the turn of the century with small lightweight gas engines used for boating and farm use.  Later in life they branched out into air cooled engines for general use and also to power their own scooters and trikes.  Golf carts for recreational use and even 'trucksters' to help move things from one place to the other came out of Lincoln, NE.  One of the most common engines for them was the 4hp "binder" engine.  Small yet powerful was the selling point to appeal to the farming market.  With the background of Cushman, it will be interesting to see what might make it out to the show this year...





misc 2016 show pics