**2015 CVEC 50th Anniversary Show**



     50 Years in the making for this show.  The Cedar Valley Engine Club had one of its most adverse gatherings of items in our history.  The weather was pleasant this year with Mother Nature being most agreeable in what she sent our way.  Being that we had the made in Iowa feature, many items were brought out that don't normally come out to a power show.  Just in the feature building we had a little known airplane engine made in Charles City show up from a airplane museum in Wisconsin.  A horse drawn buggy made in Northwood showed up.  4 different styles of Burnham coaster wagons showed up that were made in Charles City.  In one of the other buildings we had a general store vending counter made in Nora Springs show up, along with a salesman sample of that very counter.  Some rarely seen tractors and engines also adorned our show grounds.  There was a DART made in Waterloo, a GO made in Cedar Rapids, a PLOWMAN made in Waterloo, a few Theiman tractors made in Albert City also showed up.  Let's not forget the Waterloo Boys, John Deeres, Hart-Parrs, and Olivers.  An INDEPENDANT truck made in Iowa also showed up from the VanHorn Collection of Mason City.  Gas Engines like ARMSTRONG, WATERLOO, GADE, KEUNER, SHERMAN SMITH, MAYTAG, CHASE, ASSOCIATED and a few others were scattered around the engine area and feature area.  I can't even fathom how many "smalls" were shown around the grounds.  They filled every nook and cranny that was open.

     This was a huge undertaking by the club and the committee that oversaw the contacting of collectors and gathering of the feature items.  Many-many thanks goes out to those who were able to contribute to the 50th show of the Engine Club.  Will we feature something like this in the future?  Well, we were asked if we would.  So evidently this was enjoyed by the spectators.  We won't say yes, and we won't say no.  I know for a fact that the main group that worked on this show needed some time off to gather their thoughts and relax a little....

misc 2015 show pics