2012 Show

     The 2012 labor Day Weekend show was a great success.  Well at least we think so.  The tractor manufacturer feature for this show was John Deere.  The fellow members that helped with that portion of the show did a great job rounding up interesting items that spanned numerous decades of the company's history.  I'm going to just to mention a few of the John Deere high lights.  There were two Waterloo boy tractors there, one with chain steering and a automotive steering.  That would make them a "R" model and a "N" model.  The "D" John Deere models were represented well.  We had the honor of having a set of Spoker D's there.  The earliest one from the Marvin and Rana Wilson family was a prototype model.  This 1923 D is also noted as being the oldest John Deere D still in continual service in the same family farm that is was bought by.  The second spoker D is owned by the Duane Lines family.  This tractor, made in late 23, is also still in the original family.  The third spoker D that was showed is owned by Steve Smolik.  This one is a 1925 model that has a 24 inch flywheel.  Is the photos from the show you will see what all three look like.  There was a Nickle Hole D there, owned by Steve, as well.  Most of the 1920's were represented by the D's.  A few GP's were also spread throughout the tractor arena.  I didn't even know there was such a thing as a "AA" John Deere until it showed up.  It is a pre-production model A tractor.  There were some mighty fine restored tractors that collectors showed off.  Then there were some very nice original units on display as well.  Even the gas engines made by Deere were represented well.

     The weather was warm but dry for the show.  The mornings were as pleasant as they could be.  The crowds were wonderful.  They were able to take in the activities around the grounds.   Saturday morning was the start of the tractor and truck pull.  The general store had a great showing of vintage items as well as a pretty good gathering of vintage cars as well.  The sawmill was buzzing away making boards for the people that brought logs in.  The school house had a nice crowd flowing through it.  Sunday meant that the pedal tractor pull was in full swing mid day.  Monday had a group just chomping at the bit to get out and plow the field that we grew our oats on.  The threshing crew mentioned that they had a great weekend, no break downs.  It is very difficult to mention everything about the show in this because I know I would forget items.  The best thing is for you to bring yourself out to the next year's show and see it for yourself.  Take a look at the photo's that were taken during the show and maybe it will give you a taste of what you might see at the next Cedar Valley Engine Club's Threshers Reunion.  Thanks to all that contributed to the show and helped make it a success.