2017 show

     September 2-4th, 2017 will be our 52nd annual show for the Cedar Valley Engine Club.  This year we have the honor to be hosting the Iowa Chapter 5 IHC Collectors.  They have an outstanding group that has a great following of the "RED POWER" line.  The feature of the Chapter 5 group will be the "06" line of tractors.  This will include, but not be limited to, the "706" and "806" tractors.  There will be a banquet on Sunday Evening of the show for the IHC group.  The info for that will be on their web site.  Just follow the "LINKS" tab and go to their site for banquet info. 

     The IHC line is about as diverse and colorful as any company can be.  The products they made span the complete line of farm equipment and other items for the farm family to survive every day life.  The tractors may have been gray, green or red to begin with, but they settled on red for the line after 1935.  From there on, the IHC name was known as the red tractors on the farms.  We expect a great turnout of IHC products for our show this year.  If you have something that you think would add to the show, by all means, bring it out and put it on display for the rest to enjoy. 

     For more in on the Iowa Chapter 5 IHC Collectors you can go to the "links" tab and there is a link to their web site.