Contact information

     The officers are up for election every year.  The 5 board of directors are on 2 year terms, 2 one year and 3 the next.  If you would like to nominate someone or run for an office at the end of the calendar year then come to the meetings or contact one of the officers throughout the year.  We truly appreciate any input on the functioning of the show and the club.  We can use all the active members we can get.  We will be looking into broadening out to more committees to cover more of the functions of the show.  If we can get individuals to spear head certain aspects of the show it will lighten the work load of some of us.  We hope to hear from you in the near future.  Thanks from the CVEC.

President:      Ron Robinson

                          1102 115th St.

                          Alta Vista, IA 50603


Vice President:    Dave Jespersen

                                   715 Sample St., PO Box 393

                                   Nashua, IA 50658


Secretary:         Algie Slindee

                           3128 Windfall Ave.

                           Elma, IA 50628



Treasurer:       Al Koenigsfeld

                           3124  230th. St.

                           Charles City, IA 50616


Board Of Directors:

                         Tom Palmersheim (Chairman) term ends 2019

                                           2790 Beaumont Ave., Nashua, IA 50658  #641-330-0242

                         Keith Wolf  term ends 2019

                                           1343 Hwy. 9 West, Osage, IA 50461-1828  #641-832-7062

                         Bob Schmitt term ends 2019

                                           2221 Kirkwood Ave., Rockford, IA 50468  #641-330-4433

                         Kelly Barnett term ends 2020

                                           1013 Hawthorne Ave., Plainfield, IA 50666  #641-257-8171

                                   Ron Olson  term ends 2020

                                           4767 Vine Ave., Northwood, IA 50459  #

Membership:  Deb Wolf

                           1343 Hwy. 9 West

                           Osage, IA 50461


Feature Tractor information:

     for 2019 Minneapolis Moline feature-                       

                        Kelly Barnett

                         1013 Hawthorne Ave., Plainfield, Iowa 50666


Truck and Tractor Pull (Saturday only day for pull during show)

                        Larry Bissen


Feature Engine information:

                        Mark Evans

                          2000 lime Kiln Rd., Osage, Iowa 50461



Flea Market Information:

                        Pat #641-257-9545

                        Brenda #641-228-2939

Camping information:

                        Dave Jespersen

                              PO Box 393

                              Nashua, IA 50658

                              # 641-220-0563

Web Page information:

                        Bob Neal



                        Kelly Barnett