The attractions at the Engine Show grounds are many and vast.  Some of the highlights are the two stationary steam engines, a one room schoolhouse from the Ulster Township in Floyd Co., operational saw mill used during the annual show, the Roseville General Store that was moved in and renovated to be a functional display, as well as the many many tractors gas engines and thousands of historical farm items that are not only housed at the grounds but make it back to the grounds each and every year to the show.  We have many items that have been donated to us and we feel very honored to have those pieces in our collection.  Many of the photos of past shows will give you an idea of what we have to offer for the show.  We are a group that is always trying to improve the displays and the way we conduct the annual show.  We are asked year to year what there is to see at the show and that is truly a difficult question to answer any specifics to.  We truly don't know what will be at the show until it migrates through the gate an onto the grounds.  We have been told by spectators that we always have something different to see from year to year.  Our "little town" as some people say keeps growing and we cherish the thoughts of the next upcoming show.  Not only to see what might show up, but also to meet up with friends and meet new people to make new friends.  If you get a chance to take some time we would love to see you at our next Thresher's Reunion during Labor Day Weekend.  Come out and see history come to life for all to enjoy.

Thanks from

The Board of Directors